Studio SK was brought on board to provide strategic support to TANNA.AI, an online AI startup that allows students to create study notes from lecture recordings and online sources. Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the startup's current state, identifying areas of improvement and developing a new brand identity to better position TANNA.AI in the market.






Web Development




May 2023

Our Role

Studio SK created a new brand identity, which we applied to all of TANNA.AI's marketing collateral. Our team then created a new marketing website for the startup, showcasing the product's unique value proposition and providing a clear path for potential customers to sign up for the service.

In addition to the branding work, Studio SK helped TANNA.AI develop a roadmap for product development and growth. We worked closely with the startup's internal team to implement agile workflows, setting up scrums and sprints to improve communication and collaboration. Our team provided ongoing support to TANNA.AI throughout the development process, ensuring that the product was built to the highest standards and met the needs of the target market.

The new branding and marketing website helped to position the startup as a leader in the education technology space, while the agile workflows and development roadmap enabled the internal team to work more efficiently and effectively.