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Chargrill Charlie's

Chargrill Charlies is an institution across Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a family-run business that has been serving home-style, delicious food since 1989.


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Our Role

Over six years Studio SK has been instrumental in Chargrill Charlie's growth and success.

Over this period Studio SK created and implemented systems to enable the business to scale and allow the business to:

  1. Create and retain loyalty

  2. Maintain service levels

  3. Innovate and continue to develop the product

Some of the initiatives and projects that Studio SK drove included:

  • Systems for uniformity & scalability (opened 10 stores)

  • Technology including: a custom app, group payment processing deals, consolidated accounting/reporting, online ordering and a digital HR system

  • Viral marketing activations and a digital marketing presence

"One of the few people who don't need a CV"

Ryan Sher


Digital transformation

In 2020, Studio SK embarked on a two-year project to develop a new app for Chargrill Charlie's. The common goal of this is to increase spend and loyalty.

Studio SK led a team of 10 people, which worked on extensive UX/UI design, user feedback, store POS integration, and a fully custom react native-built app. A custom order-ahead feature was also required due to CC's large amount of recipes (Over 600), which can be easily managed from a custom staff-facing backend app. The menu function of the app also uses AI to up-sell and suggest new items to customers, increasing avg spend.

CC was also the first QSR in Australia to partner with Uber to launch a fully integrated delivery service. Studio SK negotiated this deal as part of a broader Uber Delivery deal for the CC group.

The app's custom user interface is sleek and engaging. Custom animations and gestures are used throughout the app to encourage interactivity. Customers earn points per $ spent, which can be redeemed in their personalised reward hub (unique to each user based on location and status) for credit, merch and food. The app also has four status levels (Red, Gold, Black, Staff) where customers can "Level Up" based on spending and loyalty to be rewarded more. Average spend across the group has increased by 15%, and the earn/spend rate of points has increased by 36% in the first three months since launch.

Not just a creative agency!

Studio SK was responsible for developing and implementing Chargrill Charlie's brand strategy, growth, and vision. We oversaw the brand and digital identity and worked closely with Chargrill Charlie's executive team to ensure successful leadership and implementation of the business plan and franchise system. In addition to managing and developing the head office team, Studio SK was responsible for the strategy, design, build, and implementation of all technology used within the business, including HR systems, data visualisation reporting, and enterprise resource planning. We also oversaw the vision, strategy, and execution of new store openings and the daily operations of 19 sites. Our role also included developing and implementing Chargrill Charlie's marketing strategy to drive growth and success for the business.