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AltX Group

Studio SK redefined AltX Group's brand identity, unifying their portfolio companies under a master brand that establishes their leadership in the alternative asset management sector.


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Building a brand

When the AltX Group, a leader in the alternative asset management sector, sought to redefine their market presence, they turned to Studio SK. Our mission? To create a master brand that not only unifies their diverse portfolio of companies but also firmly establishes AltX Group as a market leader.

Studio SK embarked on this ambitious journey with AltX Group in 2023. Our goal was to craft a brand identity that resonated with AltX's ethos of innovation, leadership, and excellence in alternative asset management. We aimed to create a visual language that not only connects with their current clientele but also appeals to potential investors and partners.

Our approach was multi-faceted. We began with an in-depth analysis of AltX Group's market position and their portfolio companies. Understanding the intricate dynamics of their business model was crucial to developing a branding strategy that truly reflects their stature in the industry.

The branding exercise involved a comprehensive redesign of AltX's corporate identity. We focused on creating a visual narrative that speaks of sophistication, trust, and forward-thinking. Our team developed a unique logo, color scheme, and a suite of marketing materials that align with the new brand ethos. These elements work in harmony to project AltX Group's commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of alternative asset management.